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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
Praise for Invented Here

“Highly recommended for academic libraries supporting a business curriculum.”
Library Journal

“In their clear and concise guidebook, Victor and Boynton pinpoint the options for organizational transformation.”
Paul Rizzo, Former Vice Chairman, IBM Corporation

“Invented Here is a business book that urges you to ask the right questions.  It will have you thinking long and hard about the role of mass customization and co-configuration in seizing competitive advantage.”
Sir Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive Officer, British Telecommunications

“This forward-looking management book presents strategies that will help companies succeed well into the next century.  Following the ‘right path’ helped us pinpoint our present position and chart a course for maintaining market leadership–while saving money, time, and effort.”
Pertti Korhonen, Vice President Logistics, Nokia Mobile Phones

“Invented Here offers the tools, ideas, and concepts you need to take control of your company’s future.  Step by step, Victor and Boynton guide you through the minefield of managing into the next century.”
Hideki Jinnai, Executive Vice President, Promise Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

“Victor and Boynton address issues of great importance to ABB.  Their insights into finding the right path to customization are particularly useful and practical.  For managers of firms that need to provide efficient and quick solutions tailored to customer needs, Invented Here is required reading.”
Arne Bennborn, Retired Executive Vice President, ABB