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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
Praise for Speaking/Workshops

“Everyone was beyond impressed with Andy. His content could not have been more spot on, as to what our attendees needed to hear and learn. Also, his presentation style was superb – engaging, energetic and educational – it doesn’t get much better than that!”
Holly Cline -Amoena USA Corporation

“Andy Boynton was a marvelous speaker and facilitated a terrific case discussion! Great interaction, engagement and connection with the CEOs and senior executives in the audience. Brought his insights and the case to life. Andy’s session was a high energy jump start to our conference.”
Michael O’Brien, CAE – President & CEO, Window & Door Manufacturers Association

Audience Comments – Society for Human Resources Management

  • “I really enjoyed the use of videos, from TED Talks to how IDEO works. This session has inspired me to improve our hunting for new ideas.”
  • “EXCELLENT speaker – would have loved to have had him in college – engaging and really knows his stuff – keep him on the returning speaker list and hopefully in the Masters series!”
  • “This was fascinating. Really made me think about HR and moving the company forward in a great way. Many great IDEAs and examples presented. Very relevant. Time flew by.”
  • “Wonderful presentation! I can’t wait to share my insights from this seminar with others back home. Thank You! There were several takeaways!”
  • “He gave some good examples and appeared to be comfortable. I appreciated that he was an academic that was able to share his research with the group.”
  • “Very dynamic and informative speaker! Lots of implementable ideas regarding an important and current topic. Thank you!”
  • “Andy drew on history and observation to describe in an engaging way the pre-conditions for business innovation.”

“Killed it –love him!”
John F. Fisher – Global Head of Industry Marketing, hybris Software

“Terrific insight and engaging speaker. We conducted our three day client symposium and Andy was our opening keynote speaker and also conducted an afternoon workshop. The audience was comprised of approximately 100 corporate and healthcare CFOs, Treasurers and Board members.  Andy “stole the show” and combined effective communication with his engaging style and personality.  He inspired attendees with new approaches for idea generation and practical applications for their businesses, and he challenged them to get outside of their comfort zones.

Big and small, all ideas matter. Andy pushed the audience to embrace his message and use it to succeed in today’s competitive and changing world.  Case studies brought his message to life and allowed participants to walk away energized and willing to take on tomorrow’s challenges.  We have had many speakers over the years and we would put Andy at the top of the heap, he went above and beyond by taking the time to understand our culture and clients.”
Roger Messina – Managing Director, SEI Investments

“Andy rocked the house! I asked for a triple home run and he delivered!!!”
Margie Mauldin – President, Executive Forum

Presentation: “Great communicators can be defined by two key characteristics – 1) they are passionate and engaging and 2) their content makes you think and as a result you walk out smarter than when you came in. Andy achieved on both accounts. His charisma and obvious enthusiasm for the material was palpable after he uttered his first sentence. He completely engaged our entire marketing team with his enthusiasm. But not only is Andy a skilled and captivating speaker, what he shared, I know, will have a lasting impact on how we as a marketing organization drive innovation and work together in a more collaborative and effective way.”

Deep Dive:“I applied Andy’s Deep Dive methodology to help facilitate an ideation session with a group of 150+ marketers. My experience has been that large group brainstorming sessions can often be quite challenging. But this was not the case. The Deep Dive methodology delivered a wealth and breadth of quality, innovative ideas all filtered through a strategic lens. What’s the secret sauce to this process? I’d argue three key elements – 1) Creating time constraints – short bursts of brainstorming time did not allow people to fall in love with their own ideas but rather helped promote even more creative thinking; 2) Diversity of thought – creating small and diverse brainstorming teams was catalytic in allowing seeds of ideas to grow and bloom as they were pushed and pulled by people coming from unique and different perspectives; and 3) The “Frenzy” – at the conclusion of each burst of brainstorming, every group was then asked to leave their small team and walk around the room to examine the work of other teams. Each person was asked, in fact encouraged, to borrow and/or steal ideas from other groups that they could bring back to their team. This technique provided people with new stimuli that triggered fresh, new thinking that not only enhanced the creative output but also united the group as one collaborative team rather than a collection of individual units. The Deep Dive methodology is a powerful tool that I definitely will use again….and again.”
Michael Simon – Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Panera, LLC

“I was hugely impressed with Andy’s presentation and DeepDive™ workshop facilitation at our offsite meeting. The room was filled with employees ranging in experience from recent college graduates through to senior vice presidents across seven different functions, but that made the workshop and idea generation all the better. My employees left feeling invigorated and ready to find “right ideas” to bring back to their respective functions and the broader company.”
Robert Gregorio – Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Andy Boynton gave an amazingly entertaining and effective speech on teamwork and leadership to over 600 professionals from over 150 companies at our recent national conference. Andy drew upon his deep knowledge, innate energy, and fascinating video clips to bring the room to life and leave valuable takeaways for all. In a separate session, Andy ran a dynamic workshop for 50 professionals on strategy and leadership. Using a case study, Andy provided a very interactive and engaging session that left participants asking for more. Andy Boynton is one of our go to speakers and workshop catalysts for very good reasons.”
Katherine Smith – Executive Director, Center for Corporate Citizenship

“I had the honor of working with Andy on a session for a major conference attended by our national field sales leadership team. Andy spent a great deal of time with me in advance of the conference to learn about my firm, our leadership team and what we were looking to accomplish through his session. (Adding to the task was that he was scheduled as the grand finale for our group on Saturday morning at 8:00 am after nearly four days of the conference)! And I can honestly say Andy exceeded our expectations. He prepared and delivered an outstanding session with relevant case studies and concepts that aligned perfectly with our group. His engaging style, energy and delivery was superb. I highly recommend Andy for your executive education needs and sincerely hope to work with him again in the future.”
Steve Ramsdell, Vice President – Field Development, VALIC

“We truly appreciated your participation in our Forum and IBES conferences this year.  Your sessions were rated very highly at both events – largely because of your commitment, energy and preparation.

I have included some comments from our Forum and IBES member surveys below.”

Kat Dorman Bissett | Conference Developer, National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation

“I came to this session weary from travel (and old age), and concerned that I could not stay awake through the end of the lecture. My concerns were profoundly unfounded. Dr. Boynton’s presentation was electrifying, and his large audience was fully engaged. His content was both factual and inspirational, and that is a term that I do not use lightly. I have four college degrees — two of them advanced — and he is the finest and most effective lecturer I have ever heard. His ideas and techniques truly enriched my professional life as a co-op director.”

“Absolutely on target. Worth the whole trip.”

“Should be mandatory for all co-op people.”

“Very helpful in examining the sources of ideas. The session was fast-paced and interactive–the workshop was long, but it didn’t seem long.”

“Good presenter. Boynton has good perspectives on where and how to gather ideas.”

“The presenter really likes his subject so his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone. Good class.”
June, 2013 Forum 2013 – Indianapolis, Indiana

“Good subject and content. Speaker was engaging and made session interactive without being threatening or intimidating to the participants.”

“Mr. Boynton is an excellent instructor. Gets people involved and brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the session. I enjoyed him so much I attended both his sessions.”

“This was awesome. Just what I needed to get out of my box and seek new ideas.”
November 2013 Independent Borrowers Executive Summit (IBES) 2013 – Bonita Springs, Florida

“The reaction to Andy’s keynote and workshop were overwhelmingly positive and the level of engagement was very high (lots of questions and interaction). I spoke to a number of actuaries in attendance who were feeling inspired to try to implement some of his advice with their teams. He also did a very good job of both presenting his standard content but of also tailoring the message to the audience.
A big thanks to Andy for both of his sessions.”
Justin Brenden | Actuary, Third Point Reinsurance Ltd., Casualty Actuarial Society

“We engaged Andy Boynton to deliver a seminar on innovation. It was fantastic. We then asked Andy to lead an important innovation workshop for a new product line and then lead a two day strategic planning session for one of our business units. In each instance, he delivered a powerful and very valuable experience to our leaders at Sun Life. His insights and ideas have contributed in substantive ways to our strategic thinking and innovation efforts, and his facilitation have been tremendously engaging and energizing.”
Westley V. Thompson President, Sun Life Financial U.S.

“Andy’s presentation was spot on. He spurred our group of over 2500 professionals to approach innovative thinking as something important to their every day focus and showed how truly simple it can be. Andy clearly connected with a diverse group of professionals from over 26 countries. His straight forward presentation achieved our objective of encouraging our people to become idea hunters.”
Barry Benjamin, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“When I have a workshop or conference to design and facilitate, I call Andy Boynton first. He’s the guru of creating excellent client workshop or seminar experiences. He is the master. Andy Boynton knows more about teaching and designing a great executive workshop or class than any person I know.”
Howard Weinberg, Partner at Deloitte in the Strategy and Innovation Practice

Not only is Andy a great teacher and the ultimately facilitator, but he still stands as one of the best facilitators I have ever observed or worked with (and I see many of the world’s best in my role at IMD).  He hears and sees everything that is happening in a group of any size, and melds that with his experience, knowledge and energy to bring the team to results they usually never imagined they could accomplish.
James Pulcrano, Executive Director of Marketing, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Andy’s style is not that of a traditional lecturer. He ensures that his audience is totally engaged in discussions on the topic and he facilitates these discussions to ensure that all points of views in the room are heard. He has facilitated large groups of 100 to 70 senior leaders and has been able to keep the group engaged and energized throughout.

In addition to his facilitation skills, Andy is a highly competent executive program designer. He understands how adults learn and designs his interventions and material to ensure the topic is effectively structured for maximum impact.

I would have no problem in recommending Andy for the design and facilitation of executive education programs, conferences, or workshops of any size, or any level in the firm.
Dermot McGhee, Director of Executive Education and Development, Newagegroup (UK) and formerly Credit Suisse

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dean Andy Boynton on close to a dozen DeepDive ™ workshops over the last three years. Deepdive ™ is astonishing in the hands of Andy with groups of any size. His seemingly effortless ability to shepherd any group — no matter how diverse or contentious — through any challenge — no matter how daunting or complex — is a rare and invaluable skill born of long experience and a finely-honed intuition. Whether collaborating with workshop organizers, designing session structure, or facilitating groups large or small, Andy is unfailingly able to apply his wealth of insight in ways that enable each session to learn from all that have come before yet remain utterly unique. Having Andy on the team is a proven and as nearly sure-fire driver of remarkable success as one will ever find.
Dr. Michael Raynor, Best Selling Author (Innovators Solution) and renowned speaker and consultant

“The DeepDive™ got them straight out of their seats, into a few small teams, energetically and passionately coming up with a flow of great ideas. [It] resulted in 
a number of focused prototype ideas and concepts… also obtaining commitment from all levels to progress them. We will definitely be using it again.”
Human Resources Director, pharmaceutical company

“The DeepDive™  methodology is innovative, focused, energizing, and hugely enjoyable. The methodology is designed to provoke innovation and original thoughts. [It] allowed our teams to unlock their creativity and to harness it in the formulation of bold and original strategies for dealing with issues. The DeepDive™ has the capacity to make good teams great.”
Director of Sales, large commercial security printer and papermaker