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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.

What is Idea Hunter Confidential?

May 03, 2011

Director's chair in spotlight on stageIdea Hunter confidential is a series of interviews on idea hunting with successful professionals from all walks of life. The series will provide an inside look at where and how others conduct their hunt for ideas.

Being a great idea hunter is about habit and practice: it’s learnable! By getting insights from others and sharing your own idea hunting tips, we can all improve our hunting behaviors. This blog will provide you with specific tips that you can borrow with pride and use in your own hunt for ideas.  How do people use personal contacts? The web? Find ideas that are useful among a crowded world of idea sources? How do they store ideas and put the best ones into play to add value for others? Answers to these questions and more are provided.

As part of this series, I hope you will both hunt for ideas that help you and share your own hunting experiences with others! Also, enjoy reading the behind the curtain look at hunting secrets from professionals from all walks of life.

Happy hunting!