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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
Virtuoso Teams: Lessons from Teams That Changed Their Worlds

When a project is big enough, important enough, different enough, a good team is not enough. You need the best. Not just the best available, but the very best there is.

At the heart of a great change or creative breakthrough you will often find a dynamic team of inspired individuals who work together to break out of the commonplace and make something remarkable happen.  A team that generates more creativity, more energy and the very best performance. The rules of the game are different for virtuoso teams and their leaders.

Co-written by Boynton and Bill Fischer, Virtuoso Teams: Lessons From Teams That Changed Their Worlds (Financial Times-Prentice Hall) is an eye-opening read about some of the crack teams that have come together to achieve extraordinary results. These all-star teams are full of the world’s experts and full of egos, conflict and volatility as well, but also bursting with creativity, talent and drive. Virtuoso teams don’t come together very often, but when they do: WOW! Sparks fly and history can be made!

From transforming jazz with Miles Davis to triumphing in polar exploration with Roald Amundsen, Virtuoso Teams is a breathtaking read about seven very different virtuoso teams that tore down the boundaries in their fields and achieved the impossible. It will leave you reeling with awe but fired up with inspiration.

“I never thought I would be extolling the virtues of a book on Virtuoso Teams unless it specifically pertained to baseball. Nevertheless here I am praising a book on the advisability of developing Virtuoso Teams regardless of the type of organization in which you belong.

If you aspire to develop an organization of high-performers or take an organization of high-performers to an even higher ‘next level’ Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer’s Virtuoso Teams is a definite must read!”
George M. Steinbrenner III, Iconic leader of the New York Yankees Baseball Club

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