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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
Invented Here Sessions

Achieving growth is an important objective of many firms. Often, the ingredients for growth are through acquisitions, joint ventures, or partnerships. Invented Here is a book about how the keys to growth lie in capitalizing and transforming the capabilities – experience, skills, processes, technologies and ideas –that lie within the firm.

Invented Here sessions provide a methodology, toolkit, and framework for managers of business functions, divisions, or entire firms to undertake a business transformation project.  Its content is rich in examples and sound theoretical and historical context. It can provide a blueprint for transformation to achieve growth. If you and your leadership team can afford to invest a day or two in a dynamic workshop, you can get a jump start, create a blueprint and plan for inventing your growth future.

“Invented Here offers the tools, ideas, and concepts you need to take control of your company’s future.  Step by step, Victor and Boynton guide you through the minefield of managing into the next century.”
-Hideki Jinnai, Executive Vice President, Promise Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Interested in bringing Andy to your company for an Invented Here session with your leadership team?  Please contact:

Caryn Shehi
Speakers Management