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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
The Idea Hunter

Jack Welch once said that, “Someone somewhere has a better idea.” This myth-busting book reveals that great business ideas do not spring from innate creativity, or necessarily from the brilliant minds of people. Rather, great ideas come to those who are in the habit of looking for great ideas — all around them, all the time. Too often, people fall into the trap of thinking that the only worthwhile idea is a thoroughly original one. Idea Hunters know better. They understand that valuable ideas are already out there, waiting to be found — and not just in the usual places. The book:

  • Explains why ideas are a critical asset for every manager and professional, not just those who do “creative”
  • Shows how to expand your capacity to find and develop winning business ideas
  • Reveals the useful mnemonic I-D-E-A: Interest — use your intellectual curiosity; Diversity, get ideas from a mix of sources, not just in the usual places; Exercise — build your idea muscles by always immersing yourself in new ideas and by surrounding yourself with others who do the same; Agile — be prepared to rethink, change, and adapt your ideas; how to seek out and select the ideas that best serve your purposes and goals — and define who you are, as a professional

The book is filled with illustrative accounts of successful Idea Hunters and stories from thriving “idea” companies. Warren Buffet, Walt Disney, Thomas, Edison, and Pixar among others are profiled.

Here’s a visual reminder to sell yourself the best hour of the day!
cartoon of clocks with for sale tags & man holding a clock with sold tag

The Idea Hunter is unique.  It’s about curiosity, agility and perpetually ‘hunting’ for better ideas.  It is a must read for anyone who wants to compete and collaborate more effectively each and every day.
Greg Brown, CEO, Motorola Solutions

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