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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
DeepDive™ Workshops

What a Difference a Few Hours Can Make.

Does your firm have a method or process to accelerate teams shaping great solutions? To create a marketplace for ideas that results in practical yet innovation solutions?  Managerial DeepDive™ is an approach to teamwork that works with a dozen executives in a workshop to hundreds of leaders at a corporate summit.

We got our original idea for the managerial DeepDive™ from our idea hunting, while visiting and working with tremendous professionals and experts at IDEO, the world’s premier design firm.  The DeepDive™ was created by Boynton and colleagues at IMD, the world’s best at executive education. We learned from IDEO and other firms, and created a method for general managers to solve business problems and shape solutions across an incredible spectrum of issues.

Creating innovation and growth strategies, visioning the future, redesigning processes or organizations, managing and leading change, and more – invest a day in a DeepDive™ with some of your smartest people– and change your world.

“The DeepDive™ got them straight out of their seats, into a few small teams, energetically and passionately coming up with a flow of great ideas. [It] resulted in
 a number of focused prototype ideas and concepts… also obtaining commitment from all levels to progress them. We will definitely be using it again.”
Human Resources Director, pharmaceutical company

Interested in bringing Andy to your company for a DeepDive™ session with your employees?  Please contact:

Caryn Shehi
Speakers Management