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Andy Boynton

innovation. leadership. strategy.
Idea Hunter Sessions

Ideas are arguably the most valuable asset in the information economy.  But how do you find the best ideas—the kind that can boost careers, change organizations, and ramp up the value of projects? Why do some people seem to come up with these ideas whenever they need them?

The Idea Hunter offers a method that anyone can customize for cultivating the habits of The Hunt. The method involves finding time every day for learning (“Sell the Best Hour of the Day to Yourself” is the title of one  section); creating great conversations; bridging gaps between yourself and people in other specialties and occupations; nurturing the skills of direct observation; recording your thoughts and impressions; understanding the power of routine prototyping; and many other habits.

This Idea Hunter session will unveil a strategy for unearthing new ideas in whatever industry or organization you operate. And that strategy is essentially The Hunt—“a search for ideas that’s open-ended, ongoing, and always personal—dialed into who you are, what projects you’re pursuing, and where you’re going in your career,” the authors write.  “What’s needed is a fresh batch of skills that professionals can use every day.

To get everyone learning and innovating in your organization, have a discussion with Boynton on how to make that happen.

“My Company aims for adding about $4 billion in new sales every year. This won’t be possible without everyone in the organization contributing new ideas. The Idea Hunter is a great guide on how to systematically develop this critical capability.”
-Werner Geissler, Vice Chairman, Global Operations, Procter&Gamble

Interested in bringing Andy to your company for an Idea Hunter session with your employees?  Please contact:

Caryn Shehi
Speakers Management